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About: Dorset-based writer and photographer. Studying at Bath Spa University.

I live in a ramshackle cabin, I grow veg and flowers (my garden is a beautiful mess). I like walking in forests and near lakes and in ancient places. This blog has a mix of art, photography, nature, outdoorsy stuff, writing/ books. It's a bit nature, a bit culture.

70% of my photos and posts are made by me because 70% of the time I like to get out of my cabin and experience things directly. The other 30% is sharing other people's experiences.


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In my garden. We’re about to sell up and move to Somerset. I’m going through my archive of photos taken while I lived here and posting them to my sub-blog http://bleetlane.tumblr.com/

It’s been amazing: a blissful rural life of jam-making, long walks, cycle rides, pizza oven building, wildlife nurturing, gardening and tree climbing. Si and I renovated the garage (and re-named it the cabin) and have lived between there and the main house for five years. We’ll miss it loads :(

The river near my house, by me

Great Dorset Steam Fair on 35mm by me


ALT-J [hunger of the pine]

(Source: vimeo.com)

random guy photographed at Porthleven Masked Ball, May 2014

Sae’s boots (by me)

Sae’s boots (by me)

tea break in the forest. on 35mm. by me.

tea break in the forest. on 35mm. by me.

Edgelands (by me). Dorset 2014

Gabe and Beech, Cherry Wood (by me)


Shaun Kardinal - Alteration No. 120Hand-embroidered vintage postcard, 2013


Shaun Kardinal - Alteration No. 120
Hand-embroidered vintage postcard, 2013